Because, unbelievably, I have just run into another train just as I got to the tracks. At the same intersection as yesterday! Thankfully this one was short. Who knew so many freight trains were still in operation? Not I. Advertisements

I just waited 7 minutes for what must be the world’s longest train to pass. I have never witnessed a train that long. It was so long that I bet it was blocking every train crossing in Berkeley and Emeryville simultaneously.

This is what it looks like. Look and weep. Yes, that’s right 4 hours. 6 Mimosas. Each. Thank you Social Living deal and scholar Ligeia  Luigli and my lovely companion Assistance dog Hera for making an otherwise boring Thursday a lovely afternoon. And thank you Nora at M cafe in Berkeley for good service and […]

Since my cat’s recent decline, I’ve given up most all pretext of eating healthy. One might say I’ve used Tigre’s failing health as an excuse to ruin my own. Sugar, wheat, dairy- nothing has been off-limits. The past two nights I’ve eaten at buffets, and a few nights ago I even fell so low as […]

Or am I really as alone as I feel? The last few days I’ve spent a great deal of time just watching my cat Tigre.  He is dying.  And I am really sad. Back in May he had heart failure and I was taken by surprise. At the time I had no idea he was […]

Oh! How many times I’ve wished I had a live webcam in my place to watch what my pets do while I’m gone. This would’ve been the perfect day for that live feed. What the hell happened here?! Since Tigre’s been feeling bad the past couple days, he’s taken over Hera’s bed, making her lie […]

Today, after posting about Tigre and feline hyperthyroidism,  Tigre took a turn for the worse. I am not sure how much longer he’ll be with me. Though it was a beautiful day, I couldn’t see going out for a really long walk with him doing so poorly. So I didn’t get much exercise. So I […]