Monthly Archives: January 2013

Worst case of dandruff ever.

Someone needs to rethink their window display artist. It’s bad enough they don’t have heads, but to give them worse dandruff than a mangey dog, too? Awful. This gives the artist that created dirty diaper dim sum a run for his/her money. Advertisements

I don’t give a sh*t about the Superbowl

Yeah, one of the teams this year is from the city I consider home. Who gives a crap? Not I. Not I.  

The beauty of Berkeley

I love San Francisco. I miss living there. I want to move back there. But that doesn’t mean Berkeley lacks its charms.  A week or so ago I took a walk on a particularly warm and sunny January day and found the hills to be full of lovely sights to behold. One of my favorite […]

Big Bird really does live in my neighborhood!

How cool is that? Not only do these people have a creek in their back yard, but they also have a giant emu-like bird called a rhea. ( ) Not to mention turkeys and chickens. I want a big bird in my back yard! And a creek! I want a back yard!

Gluten free pizza with homemade ricotta.

The crust is from a mix with yeast. Its not chewy (no gluten), more like biscuity, but not bad. Made a focaccia with same mix the other night which had a better texture, but this is ok. I wanted fat free ricotta and a woman at a local cheese shop said it was easy to […]

Looks like fall.

Brought to you by Target and Krav Maga!

Check these out! Looks like Target is working to empower women, eh? Seems like they might want to consider starting a joint venture clothing line with the women of Krav Maga. I would love to try a groin kick wearing these babies. And for the record, those spikes are solid and quite sharp. Just touching […]