Facebook created a monster

I gave up facebook for the new year. I was tired of the superficial “friendships” that didn’t translate into real life.   Perhaps I’m in the minority to believe that when people make all kinds of cyberovertures of friendship it should have some basis in reality. But apparently it is not so.
“OMG, I LOVE you!” “I miss you SO much!” “Let’s get together!” Blah blah blah. Etc. Yeah, it’s the way things are now.  But I don’t want internet friends, I want real friends. The kind I can go have a drink or dinner or just sit around and talk with. So I gave up facebook.

But damn, it ruined me for keeping thoughts to myself.

While it’s true that I was never very adept at keeping my thoughts to myself, facebook truly created the monster that I am today.

Yesterday, day 1 without facebook, I kept thinking of things that I wanted to “share.”  I took pictures to upload to my page. But wait, I had no page! Who, then, would see all my amusing and/or endearing shots of my dog?  How could I share all my internal witticisms as they came to me? What about all the email alerts telling me who said what about my incredibly entertaining status updates?

I knew that I had to share my creative genius, my incredibly engaging internal conversations, my innermost musings, with the whole world. Who wouldn’t want to read about my every thought?!

So here you go. Whoever you may be. This will be my blog in which I shall graciously and selflessly share all that makes me tick- my dog, my cat, food, exercise, sewing, exercise, food, my dog. My geriatric animals’ many medical issues, my angry rants at crappy drivers. It will ALL be here! For the world to see. Though I’d be surprised if more than myself reads it.

Ah, the internet. Thank you for making this obscenity possible.



  1. What a great blog! I sure have alot of great things to say!

  2. michael · · Reply

    Okay …

  3. I’ll be here reading every post:)

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