Where have all the chicken feet gone?!

The highlights of a day in the life of an unemployed but creative genius.




SEE! The dazzling array of rainbow thread.
How does an unemployed genius afford this lovely luxury? By buying them half off plus using a coupon.

Who says you can’t be both genius and frugal? Nobody, that’s who.

Schmaltz and Chicklin’s

After my stupendous thread purchase and a really long walk, it was time to address my cat’s health issues.

Poor Tigre has thyroid problems. He’s currently off his meds while awaiting a thyroid check, and as a result, he’s losing weight very quickly. So I wanted to up his fat intake until he is back on his meds, leading to what you see pictured below:  rendered chicken fat AND tasty chicklin’s.


Schmaltz and Chiklin’s,

Apparently rendered chicken fat is a staple of Jewish cooking. It has the lovely name of “schmaltz.” Neither I nor my cat are Jewish (or if he is, I’m not aware of it- he hails from New Mexico, and could be part of the NM tribe of wandering Jews.  I knew a woman in Albuquerque who told me that she was part of the tribe. You never know.  After all, my cat is adopted.) , but we certainly appreciate this dense source of calories. He does, anyway.

And those skins! Fatty, meaty, I had a hard time not eating them myself. And I usually dislike chicken skin.

Best part? My favorite local Latin grocery butchers gave me the fat for free.

There is no price that I like better than free. Except for being paid to get stuff.  I do like that even better than just free.

And now for the chicken feet

I actually walked my dog over to the Latin grocery looking for chicken feet, but damn if they weren’t still out. There seems to be a shortage of chicken feet right now. Where are they all? I see so many footless chickens in the meat department, but no feet.  Are they now being bred footless like the fabled Kentucky Fried Chicken(©®!) chickens that were rumored to be bred without heads? Or like Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” boneless chickens?

Boneless Chicken Ranch

Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” boneless chicken ranch.
I guess if they can’t walk, they really have no need for feet.

Where are all the chicken feet?!
Think about it- there should be twice as many chicken feet as chicken.

Are YOU buying all the chicken feet? Please, stop. My elderly animals need them.

chix ft

Chicken feet! (nails still attached).


1) Give me stuff of value for free;


2)pay me to take it.

3) Chicken feet are rare and precious. Please leave them for the elderly animals that truly need them.

(If the price of chicken feet suddenly rises, blame the internet picking up this post. You’ll know it was my fault when your butcher explains that feet are “rare and precious” and cites the internet as his/her source of this startling news.)



  1. michael · · Reply

    I tried the fried chicken feet once at a dim-sum joint in SF Chinatown. It tasted just like dirty feet smell.

  2. I tried some last year. I don’t know how they were cooked, but definitely not fried. If they had been, they would have at least had that much going for them. These were 5 spice flavor or something and when I tried to eat one, I had the eery sensation of chewing on an old woman’s hand. I now leave them to my animals.

  3. Oh how i miss the pics of your sundaes and pastries!

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