Important news of the day

This will certainly give you something to ponder:

(and spoiler alert!)

I just watched the video. I’m wondering why he ate each dish in its entirety before moving on. It seems gross to leave sunnyside up eggs sitting for later. But then again, I guess they didn’t sit more than 15 minutes, since he finished it all in 20. But why order all the eggs the same way? If I got to have that many egg dishes I’d be kind of excited about the fact that I’d have a chance to eat eggs cooked every way I like instead of having to choose one way.

And what was it about that sandwich in the 3rd dish that made him drink so much water? You think it was that cheese stick grilled cheese? I bet it was. That would be one salty mofo of a sandwich. I wouldn’t mind trying one of them things. Mmmhm. When I look at that picture with the sandwich in it, I get kind of excited. Not in a sexual way, but in the way I get over food. A “oooh, look at that. That looks good. I want that. Oh yeah. I want that food…” kinda way.

What’s YOUR favorite Hobbit meal?



  1. michael · · Reply

    The link made me wonder if Denny’s was cooking hobbits — I mean, they’re not exactly human are they? Middle-Earth bush meat …

  2. Is a Hobbit an actual creature? Or is it a place or thing? I could never get through those books. For some reason, despite my childhood love of fantasy fiction, the Lord of the Ring books bored the crap out of me. Couldn’t even watch the movie(s).

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