Amazing discovery that you NEED to know!

Blood on rug. (Artist rendition of blood on rub, courtesy of Google Images).

Blood on rug.
(Artist’s rendition. Courtesy of Google Images).

Today I got some blood on my bathroom rug. Yeah, you don’t wanna know.

I tried to wipe it up, but c’mon, blood out of a shag rug? (Why does that sound like it almost rhymes? )

Then I remembered hearing or reading at some point that hydrogen peroxided could get stains out of fabric.  Since I was conveniently located in the bathroom where I keep my hydrogen peroxide, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Had I been in another room, I would not have bothered. I am that lazy when it comes to stain removal.

I poured some peroxide on the large spot of fresh blood and….WHOA!! (how do you like that for emphasis?)

It bubbled! It frothed! And the weirdest/best part?! The blood literally rose up on to the top of the foam and I just wiped it away. No kidding.

Just like that. The spot was gone.

It was amazing. I wish had videotaped it. It would make for good watching. Maybe even go into syndication.

Disclaimer: Try at your own risk. Results may vary. May damage fabrics. I am not liable for any damages incurred by use of this stain removal method.


One comment

  1. Ha….that made me giggle. Even if i were in the bathroom with the peroxide I’d be too lazy to bend over and wipe it up. But I’ll remember this just in case! 😉

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