South Korea Wins Title of Cosmetic Surgery Capital of the World- Brazil Left in the Dust.

Who knew? Not I.

I always thought it was so odd that Brazil, where the majority of the population is exceedingly poor, would have the largest cosmetic surgery industry in the world. Who could afford it?

Now that Korea has taken that title, I feel a little more comfortable, since, you know,  South Koreans have more money. I mean, it makes sense, right?

However, I’m still not sure I understand this:

I’ve seen double eyelid tape many times at my favorite Asian dollar and variety stores,  but could never figure out what it was supposed to do. Frankly, even after looking at many before and after pics, I’m still not sure I see much of a difference.
double eyelid pic
WARNING: Generalized statement asserting a stereotype follows:
Apparently Koreans are really concerned about their appearance. Even more so than Americans. That can’t be good.
This person’s blog kind of scares me.  I have no idea how accurate her portrayal of Korea is,  but it’s not unbelievable. Though the idea of little girls staring at themselves in class is unbelievably sad.

Slice ‘n’ Dice

And while implants, nose job and facelifts are nothing new here,  I never realized that there was a big market for cutting muscle off one’s legs.

And to think of all the time I’ve wasted trying to increase  the muscles in my legs. What was I thinking?!

(click on the pic to read more on leg slicing)

skinny leg

It’s not just Koreans

According to the article below, a large percentage of the clientele come from China.
Similar to the Brazil situation, I don’t really understand how so many Chinese people can afford to get plastic surgery.

Are Chinese citizens actually making much better money than us Americans are led to believe?


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  1. Frightening and sad. I’m sure they just make their cosmetic needs a high priority in their budgets!

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