Gluten-free does not mean healthy


No, it’s not vomit. It’s gluten free Cheesy Tuna!
The peas and carrots were my idea. Just another stellar example of my amazing creativity. In this case inspired by some vomit I recently saw next to a trash can on the sidewalk. 

See pic for proof.

Though I don’t usually eat highly processed foods, I felt compelled to try this “Cheesy Tuna” pasta mix I found at Grocery Outlet (Sponsorship?  C’mon GO!  There’s even a commercial for GO on TV as I write this-serendipity? Of course!).

Why did I feel so compelled? Because it said “gluten-free” on the box. Had it been a regular, old, nasty processed boxed food stuff, I wouldn’t have given it a second look.

This is basically gluten-free Tuna Helper©®, i.e. super salty crap loaded with corn syrup AND sugar. Mmmm mmmm good! Excuse me now as I must go and drink a half gallon of water.

Edit: Just looked at the pic on here. Previously had only seen the small version on my phone. Man, it looks worse than school cafeteria food. In fact, it looks suspiciously like vomit, does it not?

I ate that.



  1. yes, it def does! that’s all i could think of when i saw this yesterday–glad you said it first!
    also, what’s GO?

    1. Grocery Outlet! Too much work to keep writing it out. I’m hoping they get wind of my comments regarding their products and pay me per click! ;P

  2. Hmm hmm hmmm. Better start posting pics of the products people would actually buy then:)

  3. Hey Ms. Flashlight- I bought the cheesy tuna!

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