Flannel 50’s pharaoh monster backpack!


I made this!
And now I get to use it.



This fabric was meant to be seen.
Look at it close up.
What do you imagine is the story it’s trying to tell?

Here’s that awesome fabric, now in a usable form.

I use a lightweight drawstring backpack all the time, as it doesn’t hurt my neck or shoulders. I felt that fabulous fabric I bought the other day needed to be seen and appreciated. So here’s my new backpack!

It took a little over an hour from start to finish. Note the fancy velvet ric rac straps. Ric rac rocks. But not sure if a velvet drawstring is great idea with flannel- kinda sticks, making closing the bag a bit difficult.

Whaddya think?!



  1. michael · · Reply


  2. i think it looks great! it’ll certainly be noticeable and most likely get comments. (also, never having actually seen it, isn’t this fabric very similar to what you used for ramona’s apron? it seems like it from the pix of both.) and yes, altho you probably don’t wanna hear it, i used a lotta ricrac in my sewing days cuz i def think ricrac rocks!

    1. Does it remind you of anything? A little “ditty bag”, perhaps? That’s what came to my mind. And yes, the fabric print has a similar feel to that which I used for my first projects (PJ pants and Ramona’s apron). I love the retro looking novelty prints.

  3. In reply to “double post” (the post of which I deleted because it was, indeed, a double post). Yes, it was. The post didn’t appear to be’ uploading from my phone. Then all of a sudden 4 or so of the same post appeared. Thought I got them all. One must have showed up after I logged off. Damn technology. That would never happen if GROCERY OUTLET, aka GO, was running this site. *ahem*

  4. Joe Blow · · Reply

    great way to use this awesome fabric.

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