It’s about time.


60 seconds to satisfaction.


Finally. Cake in a cup. Add water, microwave, and voilá! Cake!

But where’s the best part? I.e. the frosting? And why white cake? If there is only one flavor, it should be chocolate. Who would ever choose plain ol’ boring white cake? Especially without frosting? Nobody, that’s who.

Hey, cake-in-a-cup makers- Great idea, poor execution. Had you consulted with me first, you’d have a hot product instead of this one meeting a humiliating demise at a DollarTree store.



  1. how much $?

  2. Well, it’s at the DollarTree store, so it’s a dollar. One dollar. $1. $1.00

  3. Joe Blow · · Reply

    I’d eat it.

  4. I have to disagree…i love cake without frosting but i doubt the dollar stores in WY carry such a treat!

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