Dear Reader(s)

Please subscribe to my blog if you are so inclined. And if you do, please note that you will have to confirm your subscription via the email sent to you after you’ve hit the “subscribe” or “follow” button. I don’t know what it’s called, actually, having not bothered to look.

Anyway, please keep in touch. After all, this is my facebook alternative. I need YOU. All of YOU. You You You.

Oh you know how much I ❤  YOU! Don’t you?

If this were fancy facebook, the above typed ❤ would magically appear as a heart. But we here at myinnermostmusingsyounevercaredtoknowabout don’t have all those fancy bells and whistles. And by “we” I mean just me. But using “we” sounds more impressive, does it not? Yes, it does. In my mind, anyway.


So Please Subscribe. Look, I used caps but not ALL caps, because I wanted to emphasize the importance of the statement without disrespecting you by creating a written yell.


Thanks for subscribing. We ❤ You.





    w/the exception of very brief entries by tracey, your cousins seem to have disappared from fb too. was just there to accept a “friendship” w/amanda, linda’s daughter, and saw that randi lynn’s been in boston this week for a training–first i heard about it! hmph! c’est la vie.

  2. Im too dense to figure out how to subscribe to your blog but I’m here!!!

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