A foreign food feast with a friend makes for a fine time.

I’ve been absent for a few days. Thanks for noticing! No, really, to that person that sent me a text asking if I was ok: thanks! I really appreciated it.

I’ve been exhausted. Something’s not right, though I’ve no idea what. But damn have I been tired.

Anyway, despite feeling crappy, I spent all day yesterday with a new friend giving her a walking tour of San Francisco. It was quite fun. This friend is a scholar visiting from Italy that seems to likes walking as much as I and had no complaints waking several miles. And she likes interesting food. I believe that is an ideal combination and highly sought after traits in my friends.

I enjoyed seeing her enthusiasm upon entering a funky Korean market in the Fillmore, as I recognized a kindred soul- not everyone gets excited over gallon jars of housemade kimchi (no msg!) and metal buffet-style containers filled with mysterious chile paste-covered fermented foods. It was a lucky break that there happened to be a friendly young guy working that spoke English and was happy to answer our questions about the various items. In the past I’d run into a communication gap that made it difficult to figure out what I was looking at.

With so many choices, we ended up with whole garlic and garlic stems in chili sauce, pan fried fish (mackerel, maybe?) in chili sauce, some kind of radish in vinaigrette, and raw oysters “cooked” in chili sauce. Sort of a Korean oyster ceviche. We also got some egg dipped, pan fried pollock and some kund of beef soup witg greens. And my friend got a 1/2 gallon of radish kimchi.

Whew! We took this all back to my place and had quite the salty, nose-running feast. The oysters I couldn’t done without, but the rest was quite tasty. However, not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure! So, so salty.


Korean fermented food feast

It was a lovely day.


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