Civilization is coming to an end

Really. It’s true.

Think about it: Human decency has become such a rarity that acts of kindness make the news.

I mention this because I’ve now experienced several occasions where I’ve been explicitly or very obviously (by physical posturing) threatened in public in plain view of others, but when I turned to the onlookers for support was met with either a cold stare or averted eyes.

That’s some scary sh*t.

It reminds me of the numerous times I’ve seen cars speed across the path of an emergency vehicle that has its sirens on and lights flashing. People have become so self-absorbed and self-centered that they can’t think beyond their own immediate needs or desires. In essence, humans are devolving back to the mindless animals from which we came. How sad is that?

As I’m typing this I pass a street in the Tenderloin blocked off by police and emergency vehicles. A block later there’s a group of coos converged at a BART entrance. Yesterday, while walking in downtown Oakland, I was both freaked out and somewhat relieved to see police patrolling all over. My guess is they’ve increased their presence during rush hours to deter crime directed at the commuters, though most of the numerous murders are occurring in E. Oakland.
I find it incredibly sad and scary that just in my lifetime our society has become so devoid of humanity as to require armed men patrolling the streets to maintain a semblance of safety. And of course, let’s not even get into the issue of WHOSE safety. If I were a young man of color, I certainly would not feel safe around groups of cops. Hell, I’m an almost- middle-aged white woman and I don’t feel safe around groups of armed police!

I don’t know if this lack of human empathy is a result of over crowding, over population or too.much inbreeding, but whatever it is, it sure makes me sad.

Next time you see someone bring threatened or an emergency vehicle is approaching while you have the light and are in a hurry, what are you going to do? Just consider how you would feel being on the other side of the situation.


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