I don’t give a sh*t about the Superbowl

fuck superbowl

Yeah, one of the teams this year is from the city I consider home. Who gives a crap? Not I.

Not I.



  1. well, that’s just unamerican!!! so sad. i’m so busy trying different dip recipes and deciding what kind of nibbles to have for the BIG GAME! i’m really glad for all the commercials trying to help me w/this big decision, and i can’t wait to see my guys enjoy the fruits of my labor!!!!

    1. I know, I know.
      Now that you’ve so eloquently articulated what I’m missing, I’ve had a change of heart. I’ll be making a 7 layer dip and a giant football shaped cake for all my hootin’ and hollerin’ , ass spankin’ man friends!
      Although I think I only know the ass-spankin’ ones.

    2. We should swap recipes found in the coupon section of Sunday’s paper! I’ve got some great ones that use cream cheese, bbq sauce AND lots of mayonnaise.
      And don’t forget the Cool Whip®©™! It’s not a party without Cool Whip®©™!

  2. Gonna watch the Puppy Bowl?

    1. Wasn’t planning on it, but you never know.
      More likely to be out enjoying the day free of many of the usual dumbasses.
      No offense to the dumbasses….

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