Monthly Archives: January 2013

Big-ass bowl of anti-oxidants!

From one giant-ass pomegranate. It was as large as a baby’s head! An alien baby, even! Trust me, that is a big bowl. In fact, it’s a serving bowl! Mmmm ant-oxidants!

Did you know?? Fast Food Facts…

  I don’t eat fast food. I think it’s kind of  really gross.  The smell emanating from McDonald’s and the like makes me queazy when I pass by. We all know that crap is bad for human health, contributes to obesity, metabolic disorders, heart disease and hypertension.  But did you know some of it even […]

January 20th: the new first official day of Spring.

Let it be so declared that henceforth January 20th shall be known as the first official day of Spring in the San Francisco/Oakland bay area region of the State of California, United States of America. As indisputable proof that such redesignation of the start date of the Spring season is both timely and ripe, we […]

Dirty diaper dim sum.

  I don’t know about you, but this artist’s representation of a dim sum bun does not entice me. To the contrary, every time I see this sign I think of a diaper filled with a  steaming load of fresh crap. That’s just not an appetizing visual. This is one dim sum place I think […]

Despite decline of civilization…

It’s still a beautiful evening!

Civilization is coming to an end

Really. It’s true. Think about it: Human decency has become such a rarity that acts of kindness make the news. I mention this because I’ve now experienced several occasions where I’ve been explicitly or very obviously (by physical posturing) threatened in public in plain view of others, but when I turned to the onlookers for […]

These shoes will get the job done!

Future attorney position-procuring shoes and briefcase. If those don’t give an edge to a new attorney in the currently dismal legal market, then clearly nothing will. Look for my sparkles at an insurance defense firm’s document review cattle call soon!