Warning: People are truly crazy.

I was just walking in a parking lot when a woman in a giant SUV rolled straight through a stop sign without slowing or even bothering to turn her head away from her passenger. Unfortunately, I happened to be in the ped crossing in front of the driver’s side of her gigantic tank, and had I not yelled and her passenger pointed me out, I’d probably be waiting for an ambulance right now.
So what happened next? I said nothing, but did shake my head, which apparently angered the driver, as she honked as i passed. I turned to look, thinking she was trying to get my attention to apologize, but no, that was not the case.

Instead, she started screaming accusingly that she hadn’t seen me, implying that I was at fault for walking in a crosswalk while she was talking and running stop signs. How stupid I must be!

In response I said that she’s supposed to look and that, regardless, one is supposed to stop at a stop sign.

I didn’t swear, scream or even call her any names, but her reaction was scary: she started screaming profanities, called me names and generally acted like someone that requires immediate sedation. Her passenger, past whose face she was screaming, tried to move his head out of the way of her frothing madness to no avail.

I did say an ugly word after her torrent of name calling and insults, at which point her passenger chimed in, calling me a bitch.

It dawned on me then that these people were crazy beyond rational thought. I was so stunned by their behavior and complete lack of accountabilty and understanding of wrongdoing, that without thinking I said “wow, you’re crazy,” and began to walk away.  The driver continued to scream after me, even saying that I was lucky she hadn’t hit me.

I suspect the woman did not get out of her huge SUV or try to run me down only because there were people nearby that had stopped to look when she started screaming.  She truly sounded like a raving lunatic out of a movie.

On a side note, I’m curious if the NRA would say that the driver would’ve been more polite if I’d brandished a gun? Of course, she probably would’ve shot me first.

People are fucking crazy.



  1. so true dat! people are increasingly crazy and narcissistic. in my more narcissistic moments, i rail against stupid drivers out here by yelling, honking, or giving the finger. this freaks M out cuz crazy people are by definition unpredictable and could be unpredictably violent. c’est la vie.

    1. Uh, hmmm, well from what you describe, it sounds like you might be, er, mistaken for one of those crazy people. I know I often have been the recipient of that label. But what I consider to be truly crazy is a person’s seeming inability to recognize or take responsibility for their obvious misconduct. That, to me, is crazy.

  2. BT (BIG!!!) W, glad you’re ok and the driver didn’t have a gun.

  3. Yeah, thanks. Me too.

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