Those animals!

Don't let their innocent facades fool you.

Don’t let their innocent facades fool you.

What is it about having a guest over that makes my dog and cat lose of all sense of good behavior?

I had a friend over for brunch, and as we stood in the kitchen, I heard a noise from the living room. A quick glance revealed Tigre eating the cube of butter I’d left to soften for toast.

Minutes later I realize that Tigre’s food bowl is completely empty, where it had been full only moments before.
“Did you see Hera?!” I asked my guest. She had not. But I recalled seeing her flit by in the kitchen while my friend and I were talking.  Having witnessed Hera scarf down Tigre’s food in one quick gulp while passing the bowl the last time my friend had been over, we both knew she had the uncanny ability to make it look like she was merely walking by. How one can not notice a nearly 100 lbs. dog stopping next to you to suck down food is really a testimony as to how sly Hera can be.

I refilled Tigre’s bowl, thinking Hera would not dare try again as my friend and I stood in the kitchen, this time keeping a watchful eye. Of course I underestimated her boldness. Only minutes later she casually approached, as though just stopping in for a sniff…straight to the cat’s bowl! I shouted, causing her to pass Tigre’s food and go to her own empty bowl, acting as though that were her intended destination all along. Sneaky snake…

But then my guest either saw or heard some activity in the living room, causing her to go and investigate.  There she discovered Tigre on the table once again, this time attempting to free a croissant from a bag. My animals have little concern for their dietary intake. The fattier the better.

As soon as my friend had left and I retired briefly to take a rest in the room designated for such, I heard Hera clicking around…I thought at first she had already gone to eat Tigre’s food, but realized the noise was coming from my spare room. The room with Tigre’s litterbox.  I shouted and looked, and sure enough, she was trotting out upon my shout, licking her chops with a sneaky grin on her doggy face.

How is it that my nearly 14 y/o dog will barely get out of her bed 90% of the time that I’m home and she’s in plain view, but as soon as someone comes over or I’m in another room, she can jump up and run around the house like she’s in her prime?!

And the cat?? What cat eats croissants? The same one that once stood up on his hind legs to bat an English muffin out of my hand and across the room as I walked out of the kitchen.

Those two.  They do a great job of portraying themselves as old and incapacitated when it suits them, but they are both sneaky snakes of the highest order. Don’t  be fooled.

Sneaky snakes in the grass!

Sneaky snakes in the grass!


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