I have a pound of See’s candy


And you probably don’t.

I had them packed in 2 1/2lb. boxes in an attempt to not eat it all at once. It won’t work, of course, but one cannot say I did not try.

But don’t be envious of my candy bounty, because even though I am happy right now, I will be sad later when I’m feeling shaky and queasy. And even sadder tomorrow when they are all gone and I want more.



  1. well, i want more and i didn’t even have any yesterday!!! boo hoo.
    does this mean you’d be interested in some fiesta eggs this year, if i can find ’em?

  2. I ate them all in 24 hours. Less, actually. I gave away a total of 2.

    And thanks for asking about the Fiesta Eggs. Of course I want them, but I will have to decline your generous offer. I’m already feeling much more pain, both in my body and on my face where I’m breaking out.

    Fiesta eggs are tasty, for sure, but unfortunately they are not just packed full of sugar, but also have wheat AND partially hydrogenated oils. So, thank you, but no.

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