Can I be a sperm donor?

Easy money!

Easy money!

I’m always seeing these ads on craigslist to be a sperm donor. I feel gypped- I want some super easy, enjoyable way to make money.

Now, I know some guys would read that last sentence and say “what about being a prostitute?!”    Many men, straight ones in particular, are truly  clueless.  ‘Tis those clueless ones that would suggest such a thing. And to their stupid suggestion I say no thanks. I don’t think that sounds enjoyable at all. Being a prostitute, that is.

I am also aware that there are many ads for surrogate mothers. Yes, yes, great. But no thanks. I mean, first of all, that’s 9 f”n months of pain, suffering and possibly getting attached. Sperm donations take, what, 20 minutes? And from what I’ve seen, guys are no more attached to their sperm than a woman is to the blood of her “monthly flowering.” And of course, guys can donate all the time. Not once every year or so. And really, even if only done annually, how many women can churn out baby after baby without some serious crimping of their social/love/work life? None, I’m guessing.

Life IS unfair.

Sperm donor. What a bunch of crap.


One comment

  1. yeah, well, just one more indication that we continue to live in a VERY phallic-oriented patriarchy!
    on the other hand, i have read references to egg donors. still not positive and uninvasive like the sperm donation process, but less involved than surrogating.

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