THIS is beauty?!

Okay, so we all know of the unrealistic body type that the fashion industry and media portray as “ideal.”  However, as someone that has spent years obsessed with weight and body image, I have to say that even I am shocked at how bad things have become.

I generally avoid looking at photos of fashion shows, as I’d rather not willingly invite feelings of body image dysmorphia into my life.  But occasionally I look. And oh man, it ain’t pretty.

First of all, what is with the uglifying of models? I get wanting to have “unique” looking people, but I swear they are intentionally making these girls (and they are girls, I’m sure, as most of these models are probably not even in their 20’s), look ugly.

For example:



I’m sure this girl is actually very pretty- when not made to look like a bucktooth, giant-eared 6 year old going through an awkward stage.

On the other hand, she’s one of the “plumper” models in this Chanel show. And yes, of course I use the word “plump” facetiously. But at least she doesn’t have veins and bones sticking out everywhere. Not from this angle, anyway.  And dear model-girl: please note that if you should ever somehow come across this post, I am in no way suggesting you are not skinny. Not at all. So don’t look at my comment, freak out and say “See?! I AM fat!”

Now let’s look at the next beauty queen:

Chanel Spring 2013

Urgh. Really? Again, she’s probably quite lovely in real life. But her bony frame combined with the austere face/makeup make her look like an unhappy receptionist at a market research company.

And here’s a happy girl!

Chanel Spring 2013

This one is so skinny I’m surprised her little legs don’t snap. Shes’ so skinny that they had to put her in an inflated golf bag to give her some shape.  She seems to be saying “But I don’t LIKE golf, daddy. Take me home!”

And of course, no fashion show is complete without the 12 year old crossdressing boy :

Chanel Spring 2013

I swear I saw this boy at a recent drag show. But they had to ask him to leave because he was under age.  He was going for the “Barbie:  housewives of Beverly Hills Edition” look.  And who wouldn’t pair white espadrilles with a tailored Chanel suit? Of course, this is Chanel’s show, and they make fashion.

Oh no.

Chanel Spring 2013

This is golf bag girl again. She’s so skinny that they have to put her in clothes that cover her torso.  Can you see why? Look at her hip- it’s all bone. Ugh. She’s probably on death’s door. But at least her cadaverous face still looks pretty! She’ll look lovely in a casket.

Ms. Sunshine:

Chanel Spring 2013

This is one happy lady. Oh yeah. Her looks screams “I am ecstatic being in this show wearing this medieval noble lady’s house frock!”

Funeral march

Chanel Spring 2013

Did someone say food?! Where? Where?!

Chanel Spring 2013


One comment

  1. as you know, these fashion shows have NOTHING to do w/beauty! they’re about how far the patriarchal fashion industry can push women along the continuum of never being good enuf. these shows are the extreme end of all the commercials that promise to make women not stink, not look older than 12, not have adult levels of flesh, etc etc etc.

    yes, now there are some similar commercials directed to men, but they’ve got decades to catch up on in both intensity and number, plus as a feminist, i don’t see how applying the same self-hatred principles to men is an improvement!

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