Holy crap. The end of the world is coming! The end of the world is coming!


Just this morning I was listening to NPR about scientists in various parts of the world observing the occurrence of an asteroid that was nearing the earth.  The program was live, and during the broadcast, the cheers of one group could be heard as the asteroid passed as close to earth as it was going to do, and then moved away again, off on its course through space.


While listening I wondered what it would be like if the asteroid failed to keep to the course assumed by the observers, and instead kept coming towards earth. What then?

So imagine my surprise when I heard a preview of the news tonight, which included a scary snippet of a meteor hitting the earth and causing damage.  That led me to google the issue, and found this big story of  a meteor hitting down somewhere in Russia causing substantial damage and injuries:


What the hell?!

Now, as the news starts, I learn that the preview was not about the asteroid OR the Russian meteor accident, but ANOTHER streak of light that is being reported by locals here in the bay area. The news showed video of the streak of light, but nobody from the local astronomical observatory witnessed the widely reported mystery light.


This is a trip.  Only hours ago I was speaking with a friend saying it was only a matter of time before a natural disaster occurs here in the bay area. I have generally assumed that such a disaster would be in the form of an earthquake.  Now I’m not so sure.

Perhaps the earth will end up decimated by something from outer space instead of global warming?!


One comment

  1. almost seems like it, doesn’t it?! one of the news comments I saw even said, it looks like the sky is falling! bizarre.

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