Disgusting and bizarre: the creatures waiting to take over the planet when we’re gone.

Since the sky is falling and the end of the world is nigh, I thought I’d share a bit of the life forms that are just waiting for us humans to go extinct.


Here’s a great website for those not afraid to look:



It  includes such beauties as this coconut crab:

coco crab

Coconut crab. Just seeing the picture made my stomach flip.

Yes, this is a real crab.  Akin to a hermit crab, it can grow very large, as you can see. Thankfully it eats fruit, not flesh. Not that I’d get close enough to test it.

I guess we should temper the blow of the coconut crab with a picture of something cute, huh?

Okay, try this one on for size: the long-eared jerboa


Long-eared jerboa.
Awwww! Ain’t it cute? Don’t you want one?!

A world full of long-eared jerboas might not be so bad, don’t you think?


On the other hand, who would want to live in a world full of these?!

UGH!Giant Isopod. Essentially a giant sea cockroach.

Giant Isopod. Essentially a giant sea cockroach.

If that doesn’t make you sick, there’s probably something wrong with you.

These actually look very much like the little sand crab things my step-sister and I used to chase and dig out of the sand when the waves would recede at the beach. But those were really small. This is really big. And gross. Disgusting, in fact.

Look at the size of that thing!!


And of course, let us not forget my favorite: Blobfish!


My ol’ buddy!

Once upon a time, when I was still on facebook, I had ol’ Blobby as my profile pic. Some people actually asked me to remove it, saying it grossed them out or made them uncomfortable.   Of course, I did not oblige.  Why would I? Blobby is a metaphor for all those unfortunates that are shunned just for their appearance.  Not that that’s the reason I kept him as my pic. I just thought it was funny.

Look at him. Poor Blobby. Poor, poor blobby.


So go check out that site for which I provided the link above. It will give you something to ponder.

Ponder on in it! Ponder away!




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