This is a sad post and a mad post and a tired-of-it-all post.

Today, after posting about Tigre and feline hyperthyroidism,  Tigre took a turn for the worse. I am not sure how much longer he’ll be with me.

Though it was a beautiful day, I couldn’t see going out for a really long walk with him doing so poorly. So I didn’t get much exercise. So I feel crappy. So I figured I should make it worse by eating lots of crap. So I did.

So I took Hera to Aquatic Park for the first time. She really liked it, but we hadn’t walked far at all when she started getting really tired. By the end of the short walk, I was worried she’d be unable to make it back to the car, though thankfully she did.

Then, when coming home, a cop car with lights flashing turned off the street where I live and came speeding down the street I was on, only blocks from my home.  Moments later when I was going inside my place, another cop car cruised by and I heard sirens nearby.

I see cop cars speeding around Berkeley all the time. It often seems there’s a serious emergency somewhere, but I can rarely find any information on what happened. But the reason for tonight’s police presence actually made the news:

Great. Not far from where I live.  I frequently walk by that intersection. Maybe I should not walk anywhere anymore. Or I should start wearing armor.

I felt safer living near the Tenderloin in San Francisco. Though coincidentally it was only a few months ago that there was a big police standoff just a block from where I used to live.

I guess this crap is everywhere. But man, my own little life has enough fear and sadness and misery. I don’t need anyone else contributing to it.

Fuck you, gun shooters. You suck. Go stab yourself and stop endangering everybody in your vicinity.


One comment

  1. def sounds like a pretty shitty day, and yes, this is life in the modern world–bah humbug!
    still, know that altho i can’t do anything about all this shit, i do love you a WHOLE lot!

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