Could someone please explain what happened here?!


Two sneaky snakes!

Oh! How many times I’ve wished I had a live webcam in my place to watch what my pets do while I’m gone. This would’ve been the perfect day for that live feed. What the hell happened here?! Since Tigre’s been feeling bad the past couple days, he’s taken over Hera’s bed, making her lie on the floor. But what I really don’t get about this scenario is Tigre’s food bowl on the bed. I mean, first of all, I left it on a high table to keep Hera out of it. Second of all, even if I hadn’t, how and why would she carry it to the bed? I’ve often suspected they work together on these things, like the night i went out for 10 minutes and came back to find the treats I’d put on top of the fridge knocked to the floor where Hera had then ripped open the bag and ate them all. But this? This goes beyond even what I’d credit to their abilities. Even if Tigre had accidentally knocked his bowl to the floor, why would Hera bother carrying it to her bed? I’m thinking Hera was doing Tigre a courtesy and served him in bed because he’s not feeling well. Maybe not, but have you got a better explanation?


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