Pan dulce (NOT pasteles!), where have you been all my life?!

Since my cat’s recent decline, I’ve given up most all pretext of eating healthy. One might say I’ve used Tigre’s failing health as an excuse to ruin my own. Sugar, wheat, dairy- nothing has been off-limits. The past two nights I’ve eaten at buffets, and a few nights ago I even fell so low as to eat one of the Hostess cupcakes I’d purchased months ago to have as a collector’s item. (if you’re interested I’ve still got some, plus twinkies AND the rare chocolate “crème” filled Twinkies!).
It’s to the point where if I see something tasty I buy it.

Tonight I was picking up some goat meat for Hera’s dinner at my local Latin American grocery when I very purposefully strode past their self-serve bakery case. I usually avoid it so as to not be tempted, but tonight I didn’t care; I was ready and willing to serve myself whatever i damn well pleased from that case. Generally speaking I have always found Mexican and other Latin American pastries to be very visually appealing, often large and bready and covered with pretty pastel bbs or chocolate sprinkles, but rarely very tasty.  However, the cookies, cake and flaky pastries I’ve tried from this store have all been totally worth eating, from tasty to addictive. And what’s more, they are all $.99 or less! The giant cookies, big slabs of barely sweetened but frosted cake, and even the flaky, cream-filled horns have all been well worth more than their ridiculously cheap prices. And of course they taste even better because they are such a great deal.

Though I’ve tried many of the items already, for some reason tonight I noticed an item that I knows ice seen before but somehow never considered trying. It looked like a rally thick slice of bread…topoed with frosting and either chocolate sprinkles or rainbow bbs. Wait, what? Two of my favorite foods? Bread AND frosting? And I’ve never tried it?  I know, I know, what the hell is wrong with me?

So tonight I got me some. A slab of soft, white, sorta “French” bread style bread, topped with a creamy white frosting and rainbow bbs. It was lovely. I didn’t actually eat it all because I haven’t yet had dinner and I felt guilty since I’d already had a slice of cake today (a gluten free truffle type thing that apparently did not agree with my stomach.)

So who knew that Latin Americans had my ideal dessert? Bread and frosting: savory and sweet.  The best of both worlds.

¡Viva Mi Tierra groceteria!


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  1. yeah, the few times i’ve tried latina pastries–they look SO good in the windows–they tasted and had the mouth feel of larded sugar.
    so, is the bread in this confection baked or fried?

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