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Pan dulce (NOT pasteles!), where have you been all my life?!

Since my cat’s recent decline, I’ve given up most all pretext of eating healthy. One might say I’ve used Tigre’s failing health as an excuse to ruin my own. Sugar, wheat, dairy- nothing has been off-limits. The past two nights I’ve eaten at buffets, and a few nights ago I even fell so low as […]

Gluten free pizza with homemade ricotta.

The crust is from a mix with yeast. Its not chewy (no gluten), more like biscuity, but not bad. Made a focaccia with same mix the other night which had a better texture, but this is ok. I wanted fat free ricotta and a woman at a local cheese shop said it was easy to […]

Big-ass bowl of anti-oxidants!

From one giant-ass pomegranate. It was as large as a baby’s head! An alien baby, even! Trust me, that is a big bowl. In fact, it’s a serving bowl! Mmmm ant-oxidants!

Did you know?? Fast Food Facts…

  I don’t eat fast food. I think it’s kind of  really gross.  The smell emanating from McDonald’s and the like makes me queazy when I pass by. We all know that crap is bad for human health, contributes to obesity, metabolic disorders, heart disease and hypertension.  But did you know some of it even […]

Dirty diaper dim sum.

  I don’t know about you, but this artist’s representation of a dim sum bun does not entice me. To the contrary, every time I see this sign I think of a diaper filled with a  steaming load of fresh crap. That’s just not an appetizing visual. This is one dim sum place I think […]


Less than 24 hours after I committed myself to eating as non-inflammatory as possible, I walk into Whole Foods and see this: How could they be so inconsiderate? Don’t they care about my joint and tendon pain? Aren’t they supposed to be committed to a healthy lifestyle? Worse yet, they’ve used a friendly, loveable Muppet, […]

Food, Pain and old wasabi.

If you know me (if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you probably do), then you know I have a lot of issues with pain and food. For a few years now I’ve been trying to figure out what, if any, relationship exists between the two. So far it seems wheat causes me breakouts and stomach […]