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Could someone please explain what happened here?!

Oh! How many times I’ve wished I had a live webcam in my place to watch what my pets do while I’m gone. This would’ve been the perfect day for that live feed. What the hell happened here?! Since Tigre’s been feeling bad the past couple days, he’s taken over Hera’s bed, making her lie […]

Those animals!

What is it about having a guest over that makes my dog and cat lose of all sense of good behavior? I had a friend over for brunch, and as we stood in the kitchen, I heard a noise from the living room. A quick glance revealed Tigre eating the cube of butter I’d left […]

My old dog is one sneaky snake.

Oh that Hera-dog! My big, ol’ 13 1/2 years old dog, Hera, is one sneaky snake of a senior canine. When I’m home she hardly gets out of her bed without prompting, leading me to believe she’s in too much pain or too tired to make the effort. But recently I’ve come home to find […]