Yesterday I received an email from a vet to which I recently took my cat, Tigre. The email was requesting participants for a study being conducted by the state of California’s Department of Toxic Substances- they are looking for the cause of the epidemic of cats being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Tigre had heart failure last […]

Since the sky is falling and the end of the world is nigh, I thought I’d share a bit of the life forms that are just waiting for us humans to go extinct.   Here’s a great website for those not afraid to look:,0,1994223.photogallery?index=14   It  includes such beauties as this coconut crab: Yes, […]

Whoa. Just this morning I was listening to NPR about scientists in various parts of the world observing the occurrence of an asteroid that was nearing the earth.  The program was live, and during the broadcast, the cheers of one group could be heard as the asteroid passed as close to earth as it was […]

All that remains of a once-extensive gallery of mudflats sculpture.

Aw man. I saw this from a block away and got excited thinking it was a carnival ride. Alas, it is not. Just some giant piece of construction equipment. I want some fun, man. Where’s the fun? Where is the fun?

Okay, so we all know of the unrealistic body type that the fashion industry and media portray as “ideal.”  However, as someone that has spent years obsessed with weight and body image, I have to say that even I am shocked at how bad things have become. I generally avoid looking at photos of fashion […]

I’m always seeing these ads on craigslist to be a sperm donor. I feel gypped- I want some super easy, enjoyable way to make money. Now, I know some guys would read that last sentence and say “what about being a prostitute?!”    Many men, straight ones in particular, are truly  clueless.  ‘Tis those clueless ones […]